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Share the Fantasy


Perhaps the most memorable 28 seconds ever broadcast on commercial TV.

This 1982 commercial for Chanel No. 5 perfume, set to a cover of the 1950s Inkspots hit “I don’t want to set the World on Fire” was directed by the famed Ridley Scott.

In my opinion, this is the greatest commercial ever made.


Prison on Fire II


Prison on Fire II/Gaam Yuk Fung Wan II (1991)
Directed by Ringo Lam
Written by Yin Nam
Starring Yun-Fat Chow, Sung Young Chen, Roy Cheung

The 1991 Ringo Lam film Prison on Fire II, starring the great Chow Yun-fat, contains one of the most hauntingly beautiful contemporary Chinese melodies ever written, 希盼得好夢 or Hoping for Good Dreams.

One of countless versions of this melody can be heard in the trailer to the film:

Another version I found on the net:

Click on 10.mp3 to either download or play.

Other versions will be added if and when I can find them.

Soundtrack Lyrics in Cantonese

監獄風雲 II 插曲
粵語版主題曲: 希盼得好夢
作曲: 王福齡
編曲: 盧冠廷
填詞: 南燕
主唱: 溫碧霞

晚風輕拂耳邊 吹起我那兒時夢
往日編織的夢 如今已不再現
曾經立下志願 願歡笑常相伴
恨我虛度青春 叫希望成迷蒙

我在窗裡 望著那天空哭嘆
有誰憐我 憐我心中的悲痛
歷盡世間坎坷 嘗遍人情冷暖
淚水涌上眼眶 叫夢幻都已成空

Alternate Lyrics in Mandarin

國語版主題曲: 今霄多珍重
作曲: 王福齡
編曲: 盧冠廷
填詞: 王景平
主唱: 王惠君/徐小鳳

南風吻臉輕輕 飄過來花香濃
南風吻臉輕輕 星已稀月迷朦
我倆緊偎親親 說不完情意濃
我倆緊偎親親 句句話都由衷

不管明天 到明天要相送
戀著今宵 把今宵多珍重
我倆臨別依依 怨太陽快升東
我倆臨別依依 要再見在夢中


Prison on Fire II Poster


Prison on Fire II Poster in German